冠军ballbet体彩官网学院® aims to provide our students with the most flexible registration options in the industry. We know there are scenarios in which a student may want to request a refund. Please review the information below for a detailed explanation of our refund policy and how it pertains to the courses and products we offer. This information is also included in the enrollment agreement that students are required to sign during registration.


  1. 所有课程(考试预备课程除外)均可退还 5天内 从购买之日起减a 每门课程取消费用$20教材费用. 超过5天,课程将不予退还.
  2. If a student starts any portion of the course or downloads any textbook material from their online account, 课程费用不予退还.
  3. Courses that have not been started and no longer qualify for a refund can still be transferred or used to pay for an alternate course or package. Additional costs, including textbooks or transfer fees may still apply.


  1. Textbook materials are included in the cost of courses but are 退还的 一旦他们离开校园. If a refund is issued for a course, the cost of the textbook will be deducted from the total.
  2. 寄给学生的教科书是 退还的.
  3. If a course receives a substantial update to the material within 90 days of purchase, an updated book will be provided at no additional charge. If more than 90 days have passed, students are required to pay for a new textbook.


  1. 考试预备课程有 退还的 once a student has picked up the textbook or attended/started any portion of the class. 这包括访问他们的在线教科书.
  2. Students who have paid for but not taken their prep course or picked up the prep book will have one year from their first class date to retake the Prep class as many times as they wish at no additional cost.